Where to Begin?

You have come up with the most incredible idea that will change history... What do you do next to make it real? How do you get started? What tools and equipment do you need to make a model to show to investors?  What do you need for investors to be interested? How do you get your product to market? How do you start the business to support this product? What are all the legal steps you need to take along the way? What are all the questions you need to ask, and more? 


We are here to guide you through that journey; no matter what phase of the process you currently are... We start with a consultation to get to know you, your product, and what you need to move forward.

It begins with an idea; that is the hardest part. Once you pull an idea out of your head, the next steps are as simple as opening a can of soup and reading the label... as long as you have the right people by your side to write the label (by lending you their knowledge and talents).

Below are some of the key stages of the lifecycle of your product future. They include functions of the following...

  • Business Formation

  • Patent, Copyright, Trademark

  • Investment Opportunities and Grant Writing

  • Research and Development

  • Design and Rapid Prototyping

  • Fabrication and Manufacturing

  • Marketing and Sales

What stages you need help with all depends on what you are capable of doing yourself and having the right folks on your team. For everything else, we are here to be part of your extended team.

Business Consulting

Throughout the entire process, there are business steps and decisions to be made. Some big, some small, some confusing as all... well, you get the picture. Our team is here to work with you through the entire process. With years of experience, knowledge, the right tools, and connections/contacts; we help you through it all. This piece of the pie doesn't just start the process; it also has steps that can take place throughout the entire process.

  • Business Formation Guidance

  • Patent, Copyright, Trademark Assistance

  • Investment and Grant Application Processes

  • Marketing and Sales Solutions

  • more

Product Development

Forming a business is one thing, but what does that business do or sell? Here is where we help you design your roadmap and product. Product Development is essentially structuring the full lifecycle of your product/service. This process includes...

  • Concept Ideation

  • Research and Development

  • Proof of Concept

  • more

Prototype & Manufacturing

Time to take the idea and put into physical form. Here, we will help you take that idea and fabricate something to show Investors and others.

Once the concept is realized and proved out... the next step is DFM (Design for Manufactuing). This is where we help take your product to final design aspects capable of being mass produced in a factory; through our network.

  • Rapid Prototype (Rough)

  • Prototype

  • Design for Manufacturing

  • Sourcing

  • Manufacturing

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